Business Continuity Challenges

Challenge # 1: Prohibitive Costs

Business continuity planning (BCP) has become exponentially expensive as availability requirements increase. Many solutions require substantial investments on the installation and maintenance of additional hardware, software, and data center infrastructure. These requirements drive up the cost of business continuity, making many company owners reluctant to invest in protective measures.

The Solution
Instead of relying on costly physical servers to accommodate your backups, consider using efficient and affordable cloud computing and secure endpoint solutions. You can transfer your important business files to the cloud and eliminate the expense of having to install and manage hardware infrastructure and software licenses.

A proper secure endpoint solution can be deployed seamlessly to your user group at a fraction of the cost. Leverage the Any Device/BYOD capabilities of vKey to minimize these costs. 


Challenge # 2: High Complexity

Traditional business continuity planning is complex to implement, manage and execute. From managing the recovery infrastructure to updating disaster recovery documentation and testing the BCP to find and close potential loopholes, the prospect of embarking on a BCP project can be daunting, and the whole experience can prove time consuming. Combined with the pressure of your ordinary day-to-day duties, it can seem almost impossible to focus your attention on initiating a BCP.

The Solution
Simplify the process by not just focusing on the enterprise infrastructure, but rather the user. Today's new endpoint technologies allow IT organizations to structure their environments so that they are pre-dispositioned/pre-designed to work in a Business Continuity/Diasater Recovery situation. vKey was designed in order to address all of the major issues facing BCP; Recoverability, Low Costs, Security, Flexibility and Simplicity. 


Challenge # 3: Lack of Skilled Resources

There are so many requirements to be considered in a business continuity plan, with skilled resources needing to be a top priority. Obtaining and retaining high-end BCP skilled resources is one of the biggest challenges facing any organization. They are costly, they are hard to find, you need to keep them challenged and they are typically seen as a liability on the balance sheet unless there is an emergency where their value comes to the forefront.    

The Solution
Simplify your BCP by implementing a hardware and software agnostic endpoint solution capable of supporting any environment (Thin, Thick, SRA) so that your support team does not need to have costly specialized skills in order to support their user group. Investment into BCP specialized resources can therefore be minimized allowing you to maximize your limited IT budget.


Learn how vKey can help.

 vKey DR (Disaster Recovery) Solutions offer real-time, pocket sized, dynamic disaster response tools useable anywhere by employees for business continuity. vKey DR Solutions ensure the availability of accessing an organization’s data and applications from anywhere. 

vKey BCP Solutions (pdf)


vKey is your solution to your Business Continuity challenges!