What Operating Systems on the hosting computer are supported?

vKey Device is independent from the hosting Operating System. No specific Operating System is required.  

What are the minimum hosting computer requirements to boot vKey Device?

*Any Device - refers to any Intel, AMD or ARM based hardware (Windows, Mac, Android) on the approved Device List.

USB 2.0 Port
1 Gigahertz (GHz) or faster

USB 3.0 Port
2 Gigahertz (GHz) or faster

What happens if I lose my vKey Device? Will my data be safe?

Notify help desk that your vKey has been lost. They will be able to use the vKey Device Manager console to remotely disable or wipe (erase) it. Your data will be safe because vKey Device partition is fully encrypted. All your Operating System and data will be protected and a malicious user will not be able to access your data without your password.  

What happens if I unplug my vKey Device while it is still running?

vKey is robust and designed to handle this situation. However, you will need to shut down the computer and reboot the vKey Device. Steady abuse of this manner may result in eventual corruption.  

What happens if I forget my password?

You only need to contact the help desk by telephone for instructions on resetting your vKey password. 

Will my vKey Device be exposed to any malware that is active on a hosting computer?

No. vKey runs independently from the hosting computer so it will not be compromised by any malware or malicious software that might be active on the hosting computer. This is one of the primary reasons why vKey is used as BYOD solution and End Point Protection solution by organizations.  

How do I set up my vKey Device for the first time?

All the details on how to start your vKey along with some common activities can be found in the vKey Quick Start Guide. Visit for additional documentation. 

How do I change my vKey Device password?

This action must be completed at the vKey login screen during the vKey boot process, before logging in.

Reset the vKey user password using the following steps:

Step 1. Begin the vKey Device boot process.

Step 2. At the vKey login screen, enter “_reset_”. This will initiate the password reset process instead of proceeding directly to the vKey desktop. Please ensure the characters are:

  1. With underscores
  2. All lowercase 
  3. Without quotes

Step 3. Enter a current valid vKey password (e.g. “dls_tech”).

Step 4. Enter and confirm the new vKey user password.

Step 5. The vKey user password has now been changed and the vKey Device will continue to initialize.

How can I renew my vKey Device after the 1 year maintenance expires?

Visit for information on how to renew your warranty and additional information on technical support.

How do I get technical support if I encounter problems with running my vKey Device?

Visit  to view all our technical and troubleshooting documents. A technical support ticket can be opened by filling out the “Email Us” form. 

What is the warranty for my vKey device?

Visit  for additional information. 

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