• Anytime, Anywhere,

    Any device access

    An adaptable software that creates a secure environment to run a virtual image of your secure office desktop
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  • vKey® Device Manager (vDM)

    Your enterprise solution to remotely control, monitor and protect your vKey® devices
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  • Bring Your Own Device

    Corporate desktop access on your own device anytime, anywhere
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What is vKey®?

vKey Device, DLS’s flagship endpoint protection product, is a software-based solution arrives on choice of media (USB drive, portable hard disk, or BlackBerry). vKey Device software is directly operable from the media its shipped on. Simply plug in the vKey Device media (USB drive, portable hard disk, or BlackBerry) into any Intel or AMD based host PC for it to become your portable, secure, office desktop. No software installation is required.

With vKey, users can access their organization’s network, applications and data from any host computer without changing how they work, and without compromising corporate network security.

vKey® is listed on Government of Canada SLSA #EN578-100808/195/EE


Simple. Secure. Smart. Solution

  1. Zero-footprint environment
  2. Compatible with any Intel-based computer
  3. Lowers organization's total cost of ownership
  4. Integrated with Citrix, VMWare, and Microsoft
  5. No local installation of software
  6. Nothing is added or changed on any computer